The Future Is Here
Get Connected To A Smarter Way Of Working

The industry is rapidly moving towards greater connectivity to reap the many benefits of remote equipment monitoring.

Don’t risk falling behind. Connectivity can help you maximize profitability and ensure that you stay competitive.

KitchenTrac® is your easy-to-implement, connected kitchen application for the remote monitoring of commercial food service equipment such as fryers, deli cases, ventless hoods, etc.

The Future Is Here

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Oversee Your Equipment In Real Time Using Wireless Connectivity

KitchenTrac® provides a unique opportunity using WiFi connectivity to monitor equipment in real time and collect critical data across multiple locations.

Using WiFi connectivity, your cooking equipment will seamlessly communicate with the KitchenTrac® server and allow you easy access to the critical data you want.

Oversee Your Equipment

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Instantly Monitor Your Food Service Equipment Within Each Location

KitchenTrac® allows you to quickly and easily view a wide range of data points across all of your locations, any time of day.

  • Easier Maintenance: Remote equipment monitoring makes upkeep more convenient
  • Enhanced Consistency and Food Quality: Helps ensure perfect cooking results, time after time
  • Increased Savings and Efficiency: Helps you conserve power and maximize productivity
  • Greater Flexibility: Deploy a new menu set to specific fryers, specific stores, or all store locations
  • Avoid Unexpected Downtime: View critical errors before they adversely affect your operation
  • Data Tracking: Gain a clearer picture of what is happening in every kitchen throughout the day
  • API: Allows for integration of your software system with ours


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Strengthen Your Competitive Edge By Equipping Your Products With WiFi Monitoring Technology

We have the hardware and software to save you time and money in developing your own program. Be ready to go with remote monitoring features across your product offerings.

  • Don't fall behind, save time and development cost with a KitchenTrac® Wifi Board
  • Proven technology: KitchenTrac® uses industry standard wifi connectivity for a robust infrastructure
  • Flexibility: KitchenTrac® wifi boards use industry standard RS 485 connection to interface with equipment control
  • Turnkey solution: KitchenTrac® can provide full software and hardware support to integrate with the system
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